Middle Atlantic Saint Bernard Club

Meet The Breeds Event 5-4-08 @ Trenton KC Show
Photos are courtesey of Tom Bendlin of Creekside Saints

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Polaris greets a future dog fancier? Who knows what influence this event will have on a child. Imagine walking up to a dog that is several times your size, and from the safety of Dad's hand, reach out and delicately pet her.

Photo Courtesy of Linda Baker and the Trenton Kennel Club.

Visitors gather around Brenda, Lucy and Taffy for a discussion on living with Saint Bernards. We are somewhat prejudiced of course and most of us could not imagine life without having a Saint Bernard around.

Lucy and Taffy on break... It was a warm spring day and we were out in the sun. Ringtime is 2:30 and we have to reserve some energy for the judge. Lucy would later take a 3 point major in the ring.

Breed meets Breed. Bill, Sandi and Polaris greet a Shih Tzu mix. Saints are generally very tolerant of other dogs. The Shih Tzu was a bit nervous, and given the size difference - who can place blame?

Pat and Lucy at the entrance to the event ring were greeting people as they arrived. We were there from 12:00 till around 12:40 and many people came to see the Saints as well as the other breeds that were featured throughout the day.

Polaris loves to be petted. A visitor tends to her needs while speaking with Bill about her. Note that Polaris is wearing a bib, and is nomally wet from the chin to the tip of the paws.

Saint Bernards love attention and are very good with children. We have seen Saints allow children to climb on them, pull their ears, lay on them, and they take it all in stride. It should be noted that Saint Bernards are not 'aware' of their size, something to consider if you have smaller children.

DROOL RULES - The bib says it all. Some Saints drool more than others but all drool to a certain extent. There are no 'Dry Mouth' Saint Bernards and any breeder who says otherwise should be looked at long and hard. Some Saints drool only a little, or only when excited or after drinking (this is quite messy). Polaris drools 24/7, and when the head shakes - look out!