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Us 9-24-2010 - MASBC Members held an independent match show in the park at Newlin Grist Mill PA. Many club members brought out their young dogs and puppies to participate. Click on the photo at left for a few pictures from the event.

Us 5-16-2010 - MASBC Members make presentations Tom Nuss and Betty Elvidge recently did presentations on Carting and Rally at the Northern New Jersey SBC Picnic, held in Leonia NJ. Many saints and their owners were in attendance and tried their skills at these activities. Click on the photo at left for a few pictures from the event.

Us New Champion! - Ch Fremonts Dinglehoofer, RE, CD,CGC,TDI
Hoofer finished his championship out of the bred by class on 10-3-2008 under Debra Thornton at Hatboro KC. Now we can go to the "Reading With Kids" program at the library and learn how to pick up the dumbbell and may be do some tracking.
Betty and Hoofer

Us New Champion!!
Brenda, Pat & Linda's girl Von Sunday's That's My Girl (Lucy) became a Champion on Sunday August 31st at the Sussex Hills Kennel Club Show. Brenda showed her to her Championship herself.

Us NEW CHAMPIONS! Two Club families have recently put Champion titles on their Saints. On Saturday May 10th at the Chester Valley Kennel Club show, Bill & Sandi's girl Diamond's Northstar of NightSky (Polaris) became a Champion and on the following day at the Lancaster Kennel Club show Tom & Terry's boy Stonewall's Tarnished General (Longstreet) earned his Championship. Congratulations!

Us The Club participated in a 'Meet The Breeds' event during the Trenton Kennel Club All Breed Show on May 4th, 2008. The show was held at the Mercer County Park in West Windsor NJ. There were three Saints in attendance during our time slot for the event. Bill & Sandi brought Polaris and Brenda & Pat brought Lucy and Taffy. Click on the photo at left to see more pictures.
Photos by Tom Bendlin - Creekside Saint Bernards

Us 5-4-2008 - Club member Betty Elvidge moves her dog 'Hoofer' around the ring. Hoofer received Best Of Winners and a 3 point .major at the Trenton Kennel Club show.
Photo By Tom Bendlin - Creekside Saint Bernards

Us Betty Elvidge submitted these two Fancier reprints - They remind her of her dog.

HATS OFF TO LEON - By J. Ramirez
Last night, my six month olf Saint Bernard, Prairieaire Sweeps of Sasko (Leon, as we call him), became a hero. During the four months that I've had him, he has done everything from chewing the legs of my color television set to mutilating my best suit. At least he has done something to compensate for all his misdeeds. Late last night, he began clawing at the front door. I was trying to sleep, and was annoyed because I had to get up and let him out. I should have suspected something then because Leon always used the back door without exception, for his 'outings'. As soon as I let him out, he started running and barking like a fool, then discouraged, he returned and laid down. I no sooner got into bed when he started to scratch at the door again. By this time I was pretty agitated because he was ruining my front door. I let him out again, but this time, he took off barking down the street. My sister was still up at the time, so I sent her to look for him while I dressed. We found Leon sitting on the neighbor's porch barking and scratching at the door. It was then that Charlene noticed the smoke pouring out of the air vents. We knocked and received no answer, so immediately phoned for the Fire Department. They arrived just in time, as the neighbor was covered with soot and overcome with smoke. No sooner had she been removed from the house, it went up in flames. The Fire Chief believed she may have been in the smoke filled house for two hours. Leon was not on hand when the Fire Chief questioned the neighbors, so his heroic deed went overlooked until the next day. Due credit was given him for his sounding the alarm which resulted in the saving of the neighbor's life. Having done his good deed, he was found sleeping contentedly on his rug in front of the fireplace, following all the excitement.

We've labored a year, to get the last leg -
You'd turn a deaf ear if I'd threaten or beg -
If you came not in season with one leg to go
You found other reasons to goof every show!

Then came the last show to which we could go,
And you did it quite nicely while I all aglow,
Left the ring for the down-stay -
We've made it, I know............

It seemed we would never get over the hump
In the ring you assured me you'd never seen a jump.
I said to myself "You black-hearted deceiver,

Pardon me while I weep, forgive this big wail -
Did you have, at this point, to get a flea on your tail?
Dear friends, there's a moral, take head to my plea,
So close to the title - don't lose by a FLEA!